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The mission of the Florida Geographic Alliance is to promote geographic literacy by fostering innovation in geographic education and encouraging the protection and conservation of Florida’s natural and cultural resources. Since its establishment in 1987, the FGA’s primary objective has been to encourage the inclusion of geography education in the K-12 and post-secondary curricula.

With the support of the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C, the FGA works year-round to create specialized initiatives for teachers and students across the state of Florida. Many of these projects utilize GIS technology, including those listed below.

Website: fga.freac.fsu.edu

Annual ArcGIS Story Map Competition

This competition was created in partnership with ESRI for middle and high school students across the nation. Using interactive maps that tell stories through images, videos and text, students are encouraged to apply their knowledge of GIS creatively and narratively.

Website: www.flgiscompetition.com

Florida’s Giant Travelling Map

A classroom-sized map of Florida measuring 16 by 20 feet, this campaign is on the success of National Geographic's Giant Travelling Maps program. Equipped with detailed cities, interstates, rivers and more, students of all ages can explore the wonders of Florida's geography in just a hop, skip and a jump.

Website: www.floridatravellingmap.com

Florida Bioblitz

This annual 24 hour event brings scientists, students, parents and friends together with their local parks to catalogue as many species of plants, animals and fungi as they can – and as fast as they can! The Florida Bioblitz utilizes GIS technology to aid participants in identifying and recording how many different biological species are living in one area.

Website: www.floridabioblitz.com

Florida Geography Awareness Week

This annual event established by the National Geographic Society is celebrated nation-wide with the mission to spread knowledge on geo-spatial issues and understanding as to what it means to be a global citizen. Each year state alliances across the country release exciting activities, lessons and events centered around daily themes, including the much-anticipated GIS Wednesday.

Website: flgeoweek.com