Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center


Welcome to FREAC!

The Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center is an applied research center of The Florida State University. We specialize in facilitating the understanding and implementation of spatial information within communities and local governments. The Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center (FREAC), established in 1969, is the original center within the Institute of Science and Public Affairs (ISPA).

We promote collaborations among the university's faculty, staff, and students and eagerly participate in efforts connecting academic, public, and private organizations. FREAC also trains university students through direct involvement in projects, providing real-world experiences.

FREAC professionals conduct applied research in the general areas of resource management, environmental analysis, population estimation, geovisualization, as well as provide advice and technical assistance to state and local agencies. FREAC houses the Florida Natural Areas Inventory, a leader in conservation planning, mapping, inventory and analysis; and the Florida Geographic Alliance, a child organization of the National Geographic Society, specializing in K-12 geographic literacy.

This website shows examples of our projects, interests, and custom maps, along with a unique collection of free downloadable spatial data. FREAC is proud to contribute new ideas, data, and techniques to the collective knowledge of spatial information.

Contact us with any questions that challenge your agency!