Stephen Hodge - Director

Director Stephen Hodge has been with FREAC since 1984. He is the Director of FREAC and the interim Director of the Institute of Science and Public Affairs (ISPA). He is also the principal researcher in Geographic Information Systems. In addition to his GIS expertise, he has interests in Internet Mapping, Land Surveying, and databases. Stephen has worked extensively with state and federal agencies developing GIS applications and assembling spatial data layers. FREAC is a depository for large amounts of digital data collected by other agencies and this data is utilized in ongoing projects and formatted to meet the needs of interested users. In addition to project work, Stephen is a valuable source of information through FREAC's ongoing efforts to provide technical assistance to state and local governments.

Dean K. Jue

Dean Jue has been with FREAC since 1987. Dean has interests in geographic information systems, web mapping, environmental mapping, decision support tools, and public policy analysis. He has applied these interests in the disciplines of biology (his original educational training) and in library science. In the library arena, he has authored several articles on equity of public library access, been a co-investigator on several public library grants, and has worked with several College of Communication and Information faculty on a web-based map of all U.S. public libraries and their geographic market areas. He has worked on several Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) projects since FNAI became part of FREAC in 2001. Dean is in charge of maintaining the dragonfly, butterfly, and moth records that are in the FNAI element occurrence database and directed two state wildlife grants from 2007 through 2013 that conducted field surveys and a statewide assessment on the stautus of the rare butterflies of Florida. He is one of the primary iMapIinvasives project designers in translating the biological field needs and requirements of that multi-state mapping project into the underlying database design within FREAC's GIS web server environment.

Peter A. Krafft

Peter Krafft has been with FREAC since 1980. His primary area of responsibility is cartography. This includes the production of maps for faculty publications, state and federal agency mapping needs, and the preparation of graphics for FREAC generated publications such as the Atlas of Florida and the Water Resources Atlas of Florida. He also is responsible for the distribution of census, flood prone and wetlands maps.

Beverly C. Renard

Beverly Renard is a GIS analyst and has been with FREAC since 1984. She brings experience in geographic information systems, graphic design, and statistical analysis of data. She maintains the repository of high-resolution imagery and manages its distribution to clients. She also has interests in teacher education, website development, migration, and population geography.

Anthony K. (Tony) Roberts

Tony Roberts directs the Public Land Research Program within FREAC and has been with the center since 1991. During his tenure he has been an integral part in developing and producing the Public Lands Inventory for the State of Florida. This involves the production of the annual Public Lands Inventory and related research projects. One of the resources produced through the PLI project is a collection of data from Florida's 67 county property appraisers published into an annual report and web site. In addition to the formal listing, Tony has done work in mapping these parcels and determining what their best use might be based on defined physical and cultural criteria.

Georgianna Strode

Georgianna Strode is one of the principal programmers for FREAC working in the area of interactive mapping and the delivery of data via the Internet. She has been with FREAC since 1983. She is also involved in the delivery and formatting of digital data to outside users. The evolution of the Land Boundary Information System (LABINS) website over the years can be primarily attributed to her efforts.

Affiliated Personnel
Laurie Molina

Dr. Laurie Molina is presently the Program Director for the Geography Education and Technology Program at Florida State University and Coordinator of the Florida Geographic Alliance in affiliation with the National Geographic Society. Laurie is a Scholar Scientist at Florida State University where she develops grant programs, teaches and serves as a member of the university's Council on Research and Creativity. Exploring advanced geospatial technologies as well as world cultures, art, dance and music are central to her research agenda.

Gary Knight

Gary Knight is the director of the Florida Natural Areas Inventory. Gary has been with FNAI for 23 years, the last 18 as Director. Gary Knight has been named the McCluskey Visiting Conservation Fellow at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies for fall 2013. The fellowship was created to provide opportunities for individuals in the non-profit environmental community to conduct independent research and studies. He will take a six-month leave of absence from FNAI from July through December 2013 to share his FNAI experience with Yale faculty and students, and to develop new approaches for conservation in Florida. Dan Hipes, FNAI's Chief Scientist who has worked with FNAI for more than 20 years, will serve as Acting Director in Gary's absence.