GIS Development and Technical Assistance
Stephen Hodge (850) 644-2882
Dean Jue (850) 644-7358

Complete range of GIS Applications including data development, coordinate conversion, and data analysis. Consultation and development of interactive programming services for web development and spatial data delivery.

Aerial Photography Repository
Beverly Renard (850) 644-2305

Collect and maintain high-resolution imagery for the state, making it available for distribution to the public.

Cartography and Graphic Design Services
Peter Krafft (850) 644-5447

A full range of graphic design services including web page design, poster development, brochure design and production, other print media, map production, web database interface design, and interactive map design. Assistance is also available in identifying sources for maps and aerial photographs.

Public Lands Inventory
Tony Roberts

The Public Lands Research Program compiles the Public Lands Inventory (PLI) under contract with The Department of Environmental Protection to assist in its compliance with a statutory requirement to annually produce an inventory of all publicly owned lands in Florida. The PLI is produced by utilizing the ad valorem tax roll databases submitted annually to The State Department of Revenue by the sixty-seven respective counties of Florida, the ownership data of the BTIITF, as well as the ownership data of the public land owner agencies in Florida. For more information, visit

WebGIS and Web Programming
Georgianna Strode

A range of applications including web pages, databases, and online mapping.

Population & Census Mapping

Georgianna Strode

Dasymetric mapping represents a geographic area more realistically than traditional choropleth (thematic) mapping. Detailed ancillary data and advanced automation techniques make it possible to create high-resolution statistical surfaces for large geographic areas.

Geographic Education
Dr. Laurie Molina

The mission of the Florida Geographic Alliance (FGA) is to promote geographic literacy by fostering innovation in geographic education and encouraging the protection and conservation of Florida's natural and cultural resources. For more information, visit

Ecological Surveys
Gary Knight

The Florida Natural Areas Inventory within FREAC has the mission of gathering, interpreting, and disseminating information critical to the conservation of Florida's biological diversity. A comprehensive database of the biological resources is maintained in a GIS database for mapping and analysis. Inventory staff are available to collaborate with federal, state, and local government agencies to conduct ecological field surveys. For more information:

Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) Data Requests
FNAI Data Requests

FNAI produces site-specific data reports providing detailed maps and information on the occurrences of rare species and other natural resources on a site. Public agencies, private firms, non-profit organizations, schools, and citizens from around the state and nation contact the Inventory daily to request this information. For more information: